It's no Huge Hero6 By cwikster although my 8 and 5 year aged kids enjoyed it, too many of the gags went over their minds - I know they do their utmost to attempt to entertain the adults around the youngsters, but, this felt compelled...if you... You will such as this video good but just a little monotonous By intrieri38 if you want Madagascar nevertheless the tale is a small weakened...

1. Exodus: Gods and Kings $24.5M

Many unbiblical Bible flick built alongside Noah. Don't waste your time thinking you're going to get yourself a tale that is good... Completely-not accurate By rawkstarr7973 it's acutely sad when Hollywood can not perhaps follow a common spiritual bit, so many components were incorrect that after a few years I experienced as though I used to be watching a liberal variation of a thing that somewhat... Awful By appledaddy I am a of bible-based films but this can be stinker that is s. Do not mind changes in a tale point to produce movies intriguing but this can be bad.

4. Top-Five BUCKS7.2M

Selection By Scott Foundas Rock is extremely fascinating here, controlling his complex amusing abrasiveness having a real distress, the weak bewilderment of an ordinary... Chicago Sun-Times By Richard Roeper It Is A intelligent, savvy movie with sabre- sharp one-liners a half-dozen, supporting converts that are wonderful, one of the finest results of the year, a... XXX porn views are not amusing By NYCMOVIELOVER9 he would shake his mind in outrage If Johnny Carson were alive today, therefore I'll doit . Effectively, we got to view a lot of superstars which was fun, but the publishing was inexperienced and edits must have... Topfive in Last-Place By barnesbryanna Not entirely amazed this flick was awful.

2. The Hunger Activities: Mockingjay - Component 1 $13.2M

Possibly small roles, had superior operating. I believe this film only displays how conflict can result anything and everyone. In case you have a young adult, Im positive they've...

5. Massive Idol 6 $6.1M

Truly an incredible film that has been on the same level while the Metal Giant it's a necessity view!... How can something which hasn't turn out be reviewed by you. By vanaguntla482 by vex193 great i like that big idol 6.

- Michael