We favor banks as well as consumer-oriented companies, like retailing or food and beverage, that cater not only to the Saudi market but also the wider Middle East market. There are a lot of potential opportunities in Saudi Arabia, in our view, and we are eagerly seeking them out. Important for usparticularly in light of the market excitement the news of potentially allowing foreign direct investment generatedis finding shares at attractive prices too. Over the medium term, we would expect foreign investor interest to steadily rise in preparation for Saudi Arabias likely eventual inclusion in global indices. However, there could be some speculative excess akin to what we saw in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar when MSCI announced these markets would be moved up from frontier to emerging market status, both of which subsequently experienced sharp corrections. Hopefully, the Saudis will work to help prevent that type of market more? info… volatility with the proper framework for investors and perhaps a more gradual foreign integration. Saudi Arabia saw a strong current account and fiscal surplus in 2013 as a result of high oil revenues both production and price-led.There has been robust government spending in recent years on a number of projects to diversify its economy and to encourage economic growth.In our view,Saudi Arabia is in a strong position to continue to spend, with foreign exchange reserves currently above 100% of GDP. http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140811222955-217978279-why-saudi-arabia-s-investment-climate-could-soon-radically-change

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These are just indicatives figures and the actuals would be based on the interest rate offered by ICICI Bank. A few positives A few positives of the scheme is that there is safety of your investment by way of a bank term deposit. The scheme provides a fixed deposit interest rate during the tenure and there is also a loan that is available against the amount. Premature closure http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2014/08/12/prognosis-negative-for-russian-economy-equities/ is allowed and the ability to pay monthly in small installments is another good positive of the scheme. You can also take periodic payments depending on the milestone of your child's education. Conclusion One cannot see too many negatives in the ICICI Bank dream Education Plan. The scheme does not attract TDS on interest earned during the investment phase. In the end , however, the interest would be taxable. http://www.goodreturns.in/personal-finance/investment/2014/08/icici-bank-dream-education-plan-is-it-good-option-your-child-290097.html

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