Hillary Clinton’s guide over feasible applicants for the 2016 Democratic nomination has “shrunk notably,” a brand new study identified. 61% of probable voters in Dec say Clinton would be voted for by them, according to a poll executed by ABC Media and also the Washington Post, along from her guide of 63% in Nov. Vice President Joe Biden is in second-place with 14%, the ballot stated, although Warren has stressed that she is not currently seeking a nomination and Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren is in third with 13%. For your Republican nomination, 2012 GOP nominee Romney is primary with Florida Governor Bush in minute at 14%, according to a McClatchy-Marist poll the other day. http://time.com/3643271/hillary-clinton-poll/

U.S. Transfers 4 Guantánamo Prisoners to Afghanistan

The detainees boarded a U.S. military jet and were flown to Kabul overnight, finishing ten years of detention at the prison for alleged involvement in Taliban-linked militias, Reuters reports. “Most if not all of these suggestions have already been removed and these individuals at worst each could be described as lowlevel ” a senior official told Reuters. http://time.com/3643022/guantanamo-prisoners-afghanistan-transfer/

Barack Obama Holds First Ever All-Females Press Meeting

That is is all types of brilliant if so. — Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) December 19, 2014 Only instances following the slip-up happened somebody had previously grabbed up the Facebook handle John Flacco and began a parody account. http://time.com/3642783/obama-confuses-franco-flacco/

President Barak Confuses James Franco, Joe Flacco in Conversation

“it is for Obama.” The listing of those named on: Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico Colleen M. Nelson, Wall Street Journal Juliet Eilperin, Washington May Ryan, American Downtown Radio. As there weren’t that numerous on the beat, Bush House, it'd have been hardtofind eight ladies to ask questions of the president. Kumar noted that 10 women from 21 editors of the area in the first three rows were ladies, the latest indication that the House press corps is growing more varied. The White House advised the TV systems they certainly were not likely because each had expected the president questions at the least twice considering that the midterm elections to obtain questions in the fresh convention. “It’s amazing for that to occur ” said Ryan, who yelled out a towards the president and was accepted over queries, as that bedroom is full of a big part men yelled by male correspondents. http://time.com/3642594/barack-obama-holds-first-ever-all-women-press-conference/

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