Winners will soon be released Dec.

1. The Starvation Games: Mockingjay - Element 1 $22.0M

Cannot wait till part @!!!! xxxxxxxx...

4. Major Hero 6 $8.0M

Miami Herald By Rene Rodriguez With a picture this funny, interesting and visually stirring, who cares knowing just what's planning to happen next, when. The Playlist By Jessica Kiang Whichever defects it's are types of over- eagerness -goal and are thus simple to eliminate, because when it performs, specially, it... The Telegraph By Collin A melding of previous and new processes of movement, where the conscious beauty of yesteryear coexists with all the super-comprehensive,... Ny Daily News was government created by Pixar wizard John Lasseter. You can see the affect inside the top quality, from your 3D that is appealing... USA Today film that is animated is just a one-man Inexpensive Care Work.

2. Penguins of Madagascar $10.9M

The Hollywood Reporter By Justin Lowe Anders’ well-attuned comic feeling creates moments of laughter in some of the more initially conceived scenarios, but bogs down in... Selection By Chang This inane and amazingly boring sequel qualifies as an excuse to bring back those hard-working funnymen Bateman Day and...

3. Horrible Bosses 2 $8.4M

  Reveal on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Reveal on Pinterest Penguins of Madagascar Summary Super criminal competitors aren’t born…they’re hatched. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Individual now must join forces using the North Wind to prevent the sly villain Dr.

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