It’s amazing below! The country is attractive, the folks are oh-so welcoming, the weather (yes British climate!) is stunning. You can observe a few of my pics. I'm fortunate to be enclosed by such a group right now… And So I need to inform you of another affair that may occur im Brooklyn in June at Suppers. You might remember that several courses were coached by me there-in the past. Loft that is Karen’s is truly impressive.

With my birthday early in within the month, and P.’s birthday two weeks after. Nowadays in fact. This is one of many explanations why, I am guaranteed, I am quite keen on lily and lilac of the pit. They are completely blossom right now within the backyard. To celebrate, I made a decision to organize and prepare my approach through us déjeuner champêtre (garden lunch) with friends.

Food Design and Photography Course in Baja California, Mexico

I'm continuing to get ready another food styling and photography workshop in England at the end of July (it is out of stock), and I am also taking care of one in Sicily in April (there are only a few spots left basically, when you have an interest, send a request to; Event Vecchie is just a stunning undoubtedly Sicilian home; this is what we did last year –I can't wait to determine Gino again!) I keep carrying out an amount of photo shoots with clients–and that is old and new I'm loving them. My birthday was celebrated by me. Our birthday dessert was exactly about chocolate. It was chosen by Lulu from inside my first guide and it was cooked by us .

With Purple

*Rooms are distributed and there's no opportunity for individual rooms.

- Michael