The class will include camera purpose (SLR needed/proposed), utilization of lighting, food styling and propping, picture assessment and review. Charge is includes two meals and two breakfasts, and $750.

Looking ahead

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This workshop provides 3 1/2 times of teaching and 6 nights within the beautiful peninsula of Baja, with journeys which will get us in Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and El Pescadero. The concentration is going to be on style shots including beach picnics that are, outdoor that is interesting, plants + gardens of Mexico. You will learn for when using lifestyle and travel images of a regional food area about what things to look. We'll devote 4 times in the southern cape city of Cabo San Lucas and check out Todos Santos for just two times and go to the wonderful surf beach termed Los Cerritos in Pescadero. There will be free-time find out the activities around de Los Muertos and to look Cabo San Lucas, around Santos.

Food Design and Photography Class in Baja California, Mexico

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- Michael