If you are currently watching his dynamic trader workshop, it could be a good appendix material to help you study and practice. Robert Miner was named the 1997 "Market Guru of the Year" for his S&P analysis, forecasting and trade strategies and has also been a first place winner in the annual real- time trading contest by a major brokerage company. His book "Dynamic Trading was named the 1999 Trading Book of the Year. Robert Miner has been in the forefront of Dynamic Time and Price analysis and projection techniques development for more than a decade. Since 1986, Miner has contributed over twenty articles to trading and investing publications regarding his unique methods of time and price analysis and forecasting methods for the financial and commodity markets. He has also spoken at conferences throughout the U. S., Europe and the Far East. Miner's Dynamic Trading Book named Trading Book of the Year Miner was named the Market Guru of the Year by the 1997 Supertraders Almanac for his S&P analysis, forecasting and trade strategies. His book "Dynamic Trading" was named the 1999 "Trading Book of the Year". http://missionforex.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1126

¿Qué es invertir en ETF´s? Opciones para la inversión bursátil.

No chances of theft 1/7 No fear of theft Gold ETFs are held in the electronic form, which completely eliminates the chances of theft. At the same time when you sell, you get the price of gold.It thus gives you the benefit of safety and price. Better liquidity 2/7 Easy to encash If you try to sell gold, there are several disadvantages as the jeweller might ask for receipt and will give you a price way below the prevailing market price. A better price mechanism prevails as far as Gold ETFs are concerned and they are more liquid. No need for storage costs 3/7 No storage costs involved There is no need to incur storage costs like locker rentals in the case of ETFs, while you may need to incur the cost in the case of physical gold. Purity 4/7 No tensions over purity There is no question of purity when it comes to Gold ETFs, since they track gold prices only and you are not getting physical gold. In the case of the latter, you need to worry about the purity. http://www.goodreturns.in/personal-finance/investment/2014/08/6-reasons-buy-gold-etfs-place-physical-gold-291771.html

http://www.bnamericas.com/news/metals/gold-edges-lower-despite-weak-us-jobs-figures style="clear:both">6 reasons to buy Gold ETFs in place of physical gold - Goodreturns

Dentro de la continuidad sobre el aprendizaje de este mundo tan complejo e interesante como es el de los mercados financieros y sus productos, hoy para nuestros pequenos y medianos inversores, vamos a conocer o recordar un activo financiero que quiza les suene, hasta ahora no hayan tenido la curiosidad de conocer sus caracteristicas o como puede llegar ser util en el camino por revalorizar el capital destinado a la inversion. Su nombre en ingles es: Exchange Traded Fund mas conocido como ETF- QUE ES UN ETF? Es un fondo cotizado, lo que significa ser un producto de inversion de la familia de los fondos de inversion clasicos, pero que tiene la especial caracteristica de poder comprarse y venderse en Bolsa como si fuese una accion cualquiera, por lo tanto, es una mezcla entre las acciones y los fondos de inversion. Normalmente los ETFs suelen buscar la replica de los indices mas populares e importantes como pueden ser el IBEX35 , DAX XETRA, DOW JONES , NASDAQ, S&P500, etc. https://www.comparativadebancos.com/que-es-invertir-etfs/

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