How do you post a picture on this site??? I cannot figure out how to post a picture on this site. I know there are a lot of people who do and can someone enlighten me how to. thanks

Good Information Possible Thanksgiving/ Black Friday snow

Where snow does fall it will be heavy and wet which means low rates so even though some models have shown as much as 12" I think the top end max would be closer to 8 and more likely 2-4".

trolling rods and lures

John, I remember you had this tag on your truck before you and Diane moved. You told me you got it after Keith Walters passed away. When you showed me I thought it was cool and I wanted to have this vanity plate too one day.

Good Information Capt John Deering - check this out

Shakespeare tidewater 4/0 with roller guides, paired with Penn 309's spooled with stren big game 50 lb test $75 each (12) available.. I also have bfg tandems , parachutes, spoons etc that I'm getting rid of ... Call for more info 410-746-4627 .. sold the boat and getting out of fishing till kid gets older ...

- Michael