It has been around for decades, since flight simulators in the 1960s, but as technology has improved, it has got cheaper and easier to do and big companies such as Samsung, Sony and Facebook are now getting involved. All three are releasing virtual reality headsets in the coming months which developers say wont just be for playing 3D games but in more practical ways such as army training, building development or town planning. WHAT IS AN EIS? An EIS is a type of investment specialising in finding and funding start up companies. You can invest up to 1million in a tax tear and you get a 30 per cent tax break on what you invest. You do not have to pay any capital gains but there will be tax on dividends Despite the generous tax breaks, there are big risks as an EIS may invest in early stage companies which can be unpredictable and could fail or not perform as hoped. However, you can get tax relief on your losses. For example, if you spent 100,000 on shares and claimed 30 per cent income tax relief the net cost of your investment would be 70,000. If you sold the shares for 70,000, 21,000 of your tax relief would be withdrawn leaving an overall real loss of 21,000, which can then be deducted from your income for income tax purposes. If you cant relieve the whole of your loss in this way, the balance can be deducted from other capital gains, or carried forward. Digital is the UK's fastest growing sector and is expected to grow from 8 per cent of GDP to 12.4 per cent by 2016, with increasing employment being generated, Mike Hayes of Mercia says.

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Hillary Clinton, the bookies' favorite , is already taking shots from competing candidates in both major parties. As a former secretary of state, she will undoubtedly face questions on foreign aid, which continues to be a punching bag for Republicans . The answers she provided in her old job could use some improvement. One of pundits' favorite chestnuts about foreign aid -- or overseas development assistance (ODA), if you prefer -- is that Americans think the government spends much more on foreign aid than it does in reality. Indeed, a recent Pew Research Center quiz suggested that one-third of Americans believe Washington spends more on foreign aid than on Social Security, transportation, or interest on the debt.


While Oculus sells a developers kit with a barebones version of its Rift virtual reality headset, the company has no commercially available product. During a conference Thursday at the Paley Center for Media Summit, Facebook vice president of partnerships Dan Rose explained that the deal's value becomes clearer once someone tries on the headset. "Once you have done that, it's not too hard to explain," he said. "It really is like looking into the future." Oculus will debut a consumer product in the coming weeks, said Rose and Oculus head of worldwide studios Jason Rubin. Samsung Group manufactured the hardware for the product, while Oculus developed the software. Samsung's Note 4 mobile phone clips into the headset, and serves as the screen and the engine for the virtual reality experience. The barebones verstion of the headset will run "a few hundred dollars" but will not convey the full sense of "presence" that Oculus' higher-end Rift headset will deliver, Rubin said.

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